VIRLAN WANA LANGGONG Creating images with heart and delivering life with virtue into art is me

For me, Creativity was made to deliver new essentials to Visual Industry. Believing in Infinity & Unlimited Creativity, has brought us since 1996 & going stronger until today. Inspired by unstoppable development in this modern world has motivated us to always creating update works, setting up new trends with our own signature touch yet commecialised & achieving success in my own class.

Do what you love
Director, Cinematographer, writer, editor, colorist


Music Video, TV Commercial, TV Program, Film Production, Documentary, Multimedia, Company Profile, Public Service Announment, Creative brand development.

behind the scene TVC Amnesti Pajak

350 more Music video

Rizky Febian & Mikha Tambhayong, Glenn Fredly, Rio Febrian, Pinkan Mambo, Ello, Titiek Puspa, Elfas Singers, Audy, Hijau Daun, Citra Scholastika (Indonesian Idol), Virzha (Indonesian Idol), Dellon (Indonesian Idol), Hussein (Indonesian Idol), Nowela (Indonesian Idol), Yoda (Indonesian Idol), Yuka (Indonesian Idol), Aris (Indonesian Idol), Rini (Indonesian Idol), Same-Same/Moffat (International Artist), Fauzia Latief (Malaysian Artist), Quiara (Malaysian Artist), T2, Cindy Bernadette, Aliando, Nindy, Terry, Denada, Melanie Subono, Eno Lerian, Calvin Jeremy, Dewi Sandra, Nikita Willy, Teuku Rassya, Kristina, Erie Susan, Lilis Karlina, Doel Sumbang, Fitri Karlina, Iyet Bustami, Lyla, Ada Band, Tiket Band, KLA Project, Seventeen, Marshanda, Katon Bagaskara, Sheza Idris, Hadad Alwi, Element Band, Ucie Nurul, Inul Darastita, BIP, Oddie Agam, Tina Toon, Angel Lelga, Ressa Herlambang, Shinta Jojo, Petra Sihombing, The Potters, Vagetoz, Sahrul Gunawan, Derbi Romero, Nafa Urbach, Sarwana, Jasmine Wildblood, Yovie & The Nuno, Warna, Cinta Laura, Gigi, Lobow, Ran, Laluna, Bagasran, Elfa's singers... & many more

the latest music video

the making of The Freaks (Aliando, Nikita Willy, Teuku Rasya, Calvin Jeremy) Music Video


cinematographer : Enam(2006), Solit4ire (2012), dihantui guna-guna (2014), Riding (2017), The Vloek (2018).
Director: sang pengawal cahaya (🏆 won 1st prize at the indonesian marine navigation short film festival 2017
Behind The Scene Music Video of Nikita Willy

tv commercial & PUblic Service announcement

(That's so raven) Disney channel Asia, Tje fuk, stop pembakaran hutan (direktorat kehutanan) cosmetic, nexian phone, teh bandulan, dede yusuf campaign, pan campaign, Mountoya mineral water, Pajak amnesti, pajak e-filing (direktorat pajak) many more

TVC PIXY Make It Glow

TVC Muntoya mineral water

TVC Amnesti Pajak

When I grow up, I still want to be a director. Steven Spielberg

company profile & video profile

BAnk export import indonesia, astra cmg, PT. Farin industri (Armorguard), PT. Gajah Tunggal, Nestle Indonesia

Event Documentary, Multicamera, Multimedia

Marlboro Mixtronica, Jakarta Town Hall Meeting Danamon, ArtaBoga Orangtua Group. Opera Ainun & many more

The Clients

Cindy Bernadette's Music Video /Location: Singapore & Bali
Elfa's Singers's Music Video / Location: USA (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New york, San Fransisco, Pasadena.
Senja's Film /Location: Bali, Turky, Malaysia, Phuket, Jakarta
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Virlanwana Langgong


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