HOW TO BE better Edith gonzalez

Brand stratEGY

Having taken creative strategy only last term, I had somewhat of an idea of what this class would be like. I have to say that I learned some of the greatest strategy, industry, and life tips in Brand Strategy. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have met these amazing and accomplished people. Although I am a junior and I feel like I still have a lot of shit to get together in my life, this class has been inspiring and I feel like I can start creating great things. This term has been my most intriguing yet, and I have created some of my best work. I am starting to understand strategy so much more. I've created my first briefs, my first deck, and also just got a new job. It's been life changing and I am excited about the future.

brain surfing

I don't think I truly valued Brain Surfing at first. But like all great books, I was hooked and genuinely touched. Brain surfing inspired me to travel and indulge myself in culture. Heather was ambitious, adventurous, fearless...something I hope to be. Not only this, but after knowing the random small detail that she was quiet in class, makes me even more intrigued and inspired. I struggle with this, and sometimes I feel like I am at a still, but I do want great things and I love this work. It means a lot to me that there is hope in me. Heather inspired me to make my own path and even when there is not a clear one, I can make one. It sounds very cheesy but this book was full of wisdom.

In the spirit of this assignment, I've taken some of my best Cornell notes from strategist Alex, Natalie, and Heather and summarized them in a digital format. I've also taken some of the best tips and advice I received and put them into one place where I can remember how to be a great strategist and know how to be better.

green brand strategy

I took Green Brand Strategy this term and I appreciated the themes and topics so much. I learned to create and structure my briefs and think about the deeper meanings and objectives of brands. I included my notes here because I'd like to work on making them more visual and use them in the future. It's a class that I hope to continue to evoke in my future work. When I was younger and even in my college and scholarship essays I talked about making a difference in this aspect, but never really knew how I could do this. Green Brand showed me how I can put this into practice. So, I leave my notes for future use.

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