Mapplewell Primary School Our school values

At Mapplewell Primary School we strive to provide a high standard of education for our pupils each and every day. We focus on developing skills and knowledge but also in providing exciting lessons that will encourage our pupils to run through the doors every morning! We believe welcoming classroom environments, hooks into learning and purposeful experiences are the key to inspiring children to want to learn more.

Our School Vision is at the heart of all we do and our ultimate aim is to embed this in all individuals. Our School Values closely support the meaning of our vision and promote the ethos of our school.

Our School Values are traits we believe if built into daily life will not only prepare our pupils for later life experiences but also support them in being well rounded citizens and someone others enjoy being around.


Who doesn’t want to be around someone who is kind? Kindness is free, it is a key quality to being friendly, considerate and generous. Kindness shown to others can make someone’s day and this is a value we expect to see from all at Mapplewell Primary School.


Resilience is so important, keep trying, don’t give up! Somethings in life aren’t always easy to achieve and that’s why we build resilience in our pupils to ensure they never give up and always continue to reach for the stars!


As the world we live in grows and develops we believe respect towards others and property is something that should always be shown. We encourage and model showing respect to all and celebrate diversity along the way. We reinforce and model respect for possessions and teach our pupils to appreciate the things they have in life.


You will all know the saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ well at Mapplewell Primary School we instil this in all our pupils. We recognise mistakes are made but reinforce that telling the truth about things is always the best option.


We understand that sometimes in life adults feel good when children need them. However, we know that for our pupils to become successful in later life they need to be independent thinkers and doers - this is no over night task. That’s why right from EYFS we promote independence in all.


Being safe, keeping everyone safe and teaching children how to keep themselves safe is our number one priority!

Work as a team

Collaboration is a skill that will always be used in life. We teach and encourage children to work together and be supportive.


Happiness is crucial and this value is one we want to see everyday in everyone. Everything we do at Mapplewell Primary School is focused around developing a happy community for all.

We are Mapplewell Primary School, driven by our vision and values we are going to be successful, prepared for challenges, new experiences and adventures. We are equipped for anything. Our jobs may not exist yet but we are ready, because we are: