Gavin's Photovoice Portfolio

Week One

These are my 6 photos that it took 3 horizontal and 3 vertical of a selfie a common object and lastly a family member.
These are my 3 best photos, on the top is my horizontal selfie in black and white, on the bottom left is my brother in a horizontal frame and lastly on the bottom right is my common object aka my skateboard.

Week Two

These are my 3 best photos, on the top left is Luca in a snapshot vertically and the top right is Luca in another snapshot caught him bush camping LOL #fortnite #fortniteportal #EZdubs #Bushcamping, on the bottom left is Luca in a portrait and on the bottom right is Luca in a portrait looking crazy confused LOL!!!!!!!
These are my two best photos of Luca on the left is Luca posing for a portrait, and on the right is when I caught Luca bush camping for the easy fortnite dub.

Week Three

These photos messages are how people need to embrace the beauty of biodiversity in animals that are thought to be hateful toward humans, and animals that probably most humans would not adore but need to learn about these types of animals. These show happiness throughout both of these photos because when people learn about these rare and amazing animals. What I could have done better in the left photo in maybe more blur on the background. For the photo on the right what I could have done better was maybe make the photo more focused on the person and animal for a deeper meaning.

Week 4

Artist Statement

LETS EMBRACE BIODIVERSITY. I am an animal lover and I firmly believe that the world can become animal lovers too. Being affectionate toward all animals is important to me because I want to become a surgical veterinarian and I hope to see my work pay off to the world and see a variety of animals in my future career. From animals that have venom to animals with hundreds of teeth, those are the ones that have inspired me, and those are the ones I love. All of these animals have a factor in biodiversity. ALL ANIMALS DESERVE RESPECT AND ACCEPTANCE.


I am hoping to edit my photo's like to add text and to blur out the background and black and white and also crop it to focus on the animal to give a new meaning to the photo I like, and to make a loving meaning towards animals.

Week Five Final Photo...

I decided to have a new finished photo because this one showed me caring for the snake and showing it acceptance because that is what all animals deserve.

Week 6

New Artist Statement

Snakes are our saviors. Snakes help keep the population of rodents like rats down which causes unhealthy diseases for humans. Snakes are killed for the use of purses, leggings, and shirts and in that fact the snakes are not only losing their one chance at life but, their role is being stripped from them, and this is affecting us in an unhealthy way. This is putting all of human kind including yourself in more vulnerable positions for diseases. The most common diseases associated with rodents are Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, tularemia, and plague. The black death was transferred from black rats in specific. Rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships, spreading throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60% of Europe's total population, even when rats die they are still affecting us. If humans can have Empathy for snakes even though they might be scary for some humans can still give those snakes an opportunity to help us out and protect us from these deadly diseases.

Edited Artist Statement: This is a photo I took when my Dad and I visited the zoo in Troy, Michigan. This experience was exciting for me because I got to hold a reticulated python. Most people would be afraid of snakes, but once you get over your fear, it provides a real adrenaline rush to have an animal that seems so dangerous but really is so docile slithering around your body. Holding the snake made me really interested in learning more about exotic animals. It made me think about the importance of having places like zoos and shelters that care for animals and teach others more about them. When you look at the snake I held up close in my photo, I hope you are just as fascinated with it as I am. I hope you go to your local zoo or wildlife conservation area and learn more about both exotic and everyday animals that are an amazing part of our world.
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Gavin O

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