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"Don't widdle come to the middle!"


The reason the Middle Colonies were founded because for new trade routes. Also, it was very populated so they wanted to expand. So they could have more room instead of being cramped.

New York was founded by the Duke of York and England wanted to give him land and because he was the son of King George V.

Pennsylvania was founded by a English Quaker William Penn and he wanted a colony for religious tolerance.

Delaware was really just founded by William Penn, and he wanted Pennsylvania to be a complete square and he cut the tip of it and gave it to settlers. Which was Delaware.

New Jersey was founded by two men and there names were Lord John Berkley and Sir George Carteret. They wanted to split the colony with each other.


The Middle Colonies Geography is longer growing seasons and good soil for farming. Also they had a bunch of rivers, valleys and iron.


The Middle Colonies economy was to farm, to make ships, mining, trading merchants and trappers.

Here is a middle colonies video to watch

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