World Religion By mira


The Caste System

What is the caste system?

Why is it needed?

Why was it banned?

Caste Pyramid

The caste system was basically the social structure of India. It had four levels or varnas. Brahmins, priests, Kshatriyas, rulers, Vaishyas, merchants and farmers, and Shurdrus, labourers.

The castes were needed to keep people in order and define their social classes. They also did it for people to be better choosers with their life mates and friends. People in higher castes used to brag about their economic advantage. The caste system was created also to divide labor among citizens.

The real question is, why was the caste system banned? One of the reasons is because Mahatma Ghandi, an Indian movement leader, thought it was sinful for people to feel superior to others so he tried to stop it.


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