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Business Case: OPPORTUNITY

In a little over eight years, Oddello went from a concept to a corporation whose growth was in excess of 800%. Rapid growth does not come without pain and Oddello’s brand identity and position in the market were very unclear to suppliers and potential customers. With aspirations to continue their meteoric growth, Oddello partnered with High Profile Enterprises (HPE) to define a corporate identity that would help diversify sales growth and ultimately increase overall market share.

Discover Phase

In the early stages of the engagement the High Profile team took the time to understand the company, its employees, its products, and its end-users.

HPE used the information gleaned in the DISCOVERY phase to generate a baseline assessment of Oddello’s pursuit of excellence and Oddello's unique position in the marketplace. A review of competitors, their sales process and the end-user experience revealed the current challenges and the resultant opportunities for improvement.

Define phase

Together with the executive team, we then DEFINED what wasn't happening, what should be happening, and the goals and action plans to support the new corporate direction. It became abundantly clear to this collaborative team what to implement and DEVELOP to achieve this new growth plan. We DEFINED 3 Key Action Areas for development:

  1. Corporate Identity: Oddello needed to capture a clear and recognizable identity. What followed was a brand that told a story of who they were and helped leverage their engineering and manufacturing capabilities in their industry.
  2. Brand & Awareness: We designed and produced the total marketing collaterals package including: logo mark, style guide, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, sales presentations, animations, capabilities video and a dynamic website focused on reaching wholesale customers and potential retail partners.
  3. Retail Market Expansion: All of these fresh resources allowed us to pinpoint our newest target market: the retail bedding sector. At the Las Vegas Market Center we completely redesigned a dynamic showroom that demonstrated Oddello’s engineering and manufacturing prowess. The showroom was aptly named, "The Launch Laboratory" which helped marry Oddello's mission of “Launch Dreams” at one of the world’s largest trade shows.

Corporate Identity

For eight years, Oddello operated without developing a brand - because they were growing at such a fast pace. After going through the Discover phase with Oddello, it was clear that their business was something unique in their industry. They didn’t just contract manufacture bed foundations, they solved problems by engineering innovative refinements thereby helping launch custom programs for their customers. It was this unique capability that led to Oddello’s central message, “We Launch Dreams.”

Brand Awareness

Oddello was a well performing company; yet without a brand or a website. Given Oddello’s customer base, all well-established Fortune 500 companies, they needed to have a world class website. High Profile Enterprises brought their team of top-tier web designers, artists, and content creators to the table in order to develop the Oddello website.

Retail Market Effectiveness

Oddello had a successful history of working closely with top mattress brands, the next opportunity for growth was in retail industry. The new focus was to learn the patterns and needs of furniture and bedding retailers. During the Discover phase, High Profile Enterprises went with Oddello’s executive team to their biggest event of the year; one of the world’s largest tradeshows: The Las Vegas World Market Furniture Show. During the trip, High Profile learned a great deal about Oddello’s customers as well as their sales processes. One thing became apparent: Oddello’s showroom needed to be bold and unique and provide something uniquely Oddello. High Profile decided to create The Launch Laboratory: a showroom designed to showcase Oddello's engineering and manufacturing DNA. It was specifically designed to support a custom sales experience for potential customers to come and develop their own custom base program from concept to launch.

Develop phase

Corporate Identity

Brand Awareness

Promotional Video

Website - Desktop

Website - Mobile

Stationary Design

T-Shirt Design

Rooms To Go - Sales Sheets

Retail Market Expansion

Las Vegas Market Showroom Concept Art

Vegas Showroom Artwork

Vegas Showroom


Photo Content Library

Bedding Preview Cover & Advertorial

Product Photography

In Action With Oddello

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