On this day, Marshall University lost the lives of thirty-six players, eight coaches/administrators, and twenty-five fans to a Southeast Airlines plane crash on their way home from an East Carolina football game (Gorczyca). This plane crash not only affected the students and faculty at Marshall and the Huntington community, but also the other college football teams Marshall's team had a close connection with. In a quote written by Wayne Faulkner in the 1971 Marshall University yearbook, he says, “When we taste the ozone bitter of the brass horn and the hazy hills echo the cheers, Death will casually appear to us as a memory in seventy-five familiar faces”, it reminds us that life is going to go on, but things are going to come up and remind us of the tragedy that happened forty-seven years ago.



East Carolina

The East Carolina team played Marshall's team like it was just another game, which it was at the time. After the coach from East Carolina told his players the news, he voiced to the press that, “Everyone took it kind of hard. It meant a great deal to me” (“Young Men”). Since East Carolina just played Marshall hours before the plane crash, it gave some of the players an "eerie feeling" to know that they had just been hitting shoulder pads with guys who were now dead ("Coaches"). The quote from Wayne Faulkner fits well here, because every time those ECU players stepped onto a field, they undoubtedly were reminded of the night of November 14th, 1970.

Ohio University

Ohio University was a rival to Marshall for many years. They did not get the chance to play Marshall in the 1970 season, because of the plane crash. It would have been the last game of the season for both teams, so they were also pumped to play their rival, along with it being the last game (Metters).

West Virginia University

"I weep for a brother, a brother who is dead".

Since they were both in West Virginia and WVU was bigger than Marshall, they always felt like Big Brother and Little Brother. Fred Miller, a writer for The Daily Atheneum, wrote an article titled "Marshall, I weep...". In this article he wrote, " I weep for a brother, a brother who is dead", which shows the feelings of WVU towards Marshall during this time as a whole (Miller). Whenever WVU coach, Bobby Bowen, heard about the crash, he said he was "crushed with sadness" (Hardman). Even though West Virginia did not play Marshall during the time around 1970, they always had a unique bond to each other ("football").

services, memorials, and donations

Honors from the teams mentioned above:

East Carolina held a memorial on their campus, gathered a memorial fund at their school for Marshall, gave each of the families of the deceased players a copy of the ECU v. Marshall game, and had a bronze plaque, with the seventy-five victims names on it, mounted onto a concrete wall at Ficklen Stadium ("Time", "Establishes").

Since the Ohio v. Marshall game was officially cancelled, Ohio University had a memorial on their field and started at the time the game would have started. Ohio also donated money to Marshall to help out their Memorial Fund. The players said their final goodbyes to their arch-rivals by giving a football that sat on a tee at the 40-yard line to Marshall University in honor of the game that was supposed to be played that day (Metters).

WVU coach, Bobby Bowen, had the team paint green crosses on their helmets to honor their dead brothers. They also donated money to Marshall's memorial fund (Gorczyca).

Other teams who offered support to Marshall:

  1. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, they planned to make a scholarship in honor of Al Carelli, a coach who was killed in the plane crash ("N.C").
  2. Miami University, along with Xavier University and Ohio University, gave up their annual banquet and donated their funds to Marshall University (Groseck).
  3. Virginia Tech also cancelled their annual dinner and donated their money from the dinner to Marshall University (“Virginia”).
  4. On another note, Wichita State University, a school who had a similar experience just a little over a month before Marshall’s plane crash, said they would “in any way possible” help Marshall with their 1971 season (Cade).

With the money that was received from the several schools, Marshall built the fountain that still to this day stands as a memorial.

“When we taste the ozone bitter of the brass horn and the hazy hills echo the cheers, Death will casually appear to us as a memory in seventy-five familiar faces” -Wayne Faulkner

reflective memo

The steps that I took to condense my original essay into this multimodal essay were to first focus on what topics I talked about in my essay. This helped me determine my three headings and subheadings. I then took out all of the most important information, like my primary source and my quotes, to apply under my headings and subheadings. I chose the main background picture to be the 1970 team picture, because they are the reason for my essay. My reasoning for putting the scene of the plane crash in is because it tugs at people's hearts and gives it a more emotional appeal. I found the game film from the Marshall v. ECU game and added it, because that was the last game the thirty-six players had the chance to play. I inserted the picture of the two holding hands, because that is what the other schools metaphorically did by donating and honoring the victims. I put the picture of the bronze memorial on there, because I had just described how ECU mounted it onto a wall at their field. Finally, I added the picture of the memorial fountain, because that is what the money from the memorial fund went to, along with other things.

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