Glolization Technolology Nico

Interesting fact 1

A computer= CPU( made in US) + sound card( made in Japan) +chassis( made in China)

Interesting fact 2

Globalization Technology can improve the people knowledge. As the globalization Technology means the developed countries share high - tech and technology sources with developing countries. S o even poor country can learn the high -tech.

Interesting fact 3

Technology of globalization makes the technology developing faster and faster. As the globalization technology cause one things -at a lower cost, higher efficiency and stronger competitiveness. Because of it the technology developing speed that we cannot image. For example the ipone5 show up in 2013 and the ipone6 show up after one year that show up in 2014.

interesting fact 4

Globalization Technology to china. China can develop and developing so fast in short time why? China can developing quickly because the globalization. As the technology globalization there are many teenagers and talents go to developed countries learn and explore however most of them stay and lived in the developed countries and there are little part of them come back china. It cause the talent drain.

interesting fact 5

Globalization Technology protect the environment. As technology and world developing cause lots of pollution such as the air pollution and ozonosphere and so on. If the developed countries share them how to protect environment with developed countries. The world will change a lot.

Interesting fact 6

globalization technology makes world better. As the high-tech share even the poor countries patient can enjoy top medical and the all over the world can common development. Technology can make a country developing and the Globalization Technology can make the world developing.

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