Overcrowding In Prisons By Nathan Spencer

Prison living conditions are suffering due to the overcrowding of inmates as a result of excessive incarcerations.
Prisoners are often treated like animals behind bars due to their poor living conditions.

Prisoners mental and physical health is negatively affected due to these unclean prisons.

Prisoners just need people to care for them and help them rehabilitate from their lives of crime in order to function in society upon release.

The prison systems need help from organizations like Liberty University in order to turn around the issues of over-population, poor living conditions, and suffering rehabilitation programs.

Created By
Nathan Spencer


Created with images by James Cridland - "Crowd" • chinogypsie - "Ragi ball" • herrea - "Got some Beef Stew from upstairs for lunch. I'm guessing this is what prison food tastes like" • Taken - "jail prison ruin" • RawPixelSF - "Miss Kate - Behind bars" • ms.akr - "The prisoner" • dalecruse - "prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp" • babawawa - "prison jail detention"

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