AI-based fluid mechanics optimization of a turbomachine Unleash the full power of your design workflow

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Optimal Computing helps designers to unleash the full power of their process to increase turbomachines efficiency and related revenues.

Our keystone

Optimal Computing develops Xtreme, a versatile, agnostic and powerful optimization software based on Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Value proposition

Thanks to the AI at the core of Xtreme software, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Complex optimization problems (e.g. eigen frequencies passing forbidden ranges) are treated easily with Xtreme.
  • A reduced number of simulations to reach the optimum. Fewer runs required with Xtreme compared to other optimisation packages.
  • Non-computable functions are treated in a unique way leading to a fast learning and solving. Learning is the foundation of Xtreme to save your time.
  • Let Xtreme adjust solvers and optimization parameters automatically while you focus on the physics of the problem to solve. Solvers are automatically adjusted behind the scene based on a learning algorithm and a large number of stored knowledge.

Xtreme helps you to master your design workflow

Example of a Fluid-Mechanical Optimization of a Radial Pump

Software workflow

  • CFTurbo for the geometry
  • TCFD for the CFD simulation
  • NetGen for the mechanical mesh
  • CalculiX for the mechanical static and dynamic calculation
  • Xtreme for the optimization
  • Xtreme for the coupling between all these software and to lead the platform

Data and Design variables

  • Impeller main diameter = 286 mm
  • Number of blades = 7
  • Number of parameters = 13

CFD analysis

  • Steady Simulation
  • 1,200,000 mesh cells
  • Computation time = 21 minutes on 6 cores

Operating conditions

  • Incompressible Fluid : water
  • Rotational speed : 1770 rpm
  • Flow rate Q = 454 m3/h
  • Head : 33 m

Mechanical analysis

  • Static calculation
  • Dynamic calculation (vibration modes)
  • 150,000 nodes

Operating conditions

  • Pump material : PVC
  • Density= 1400 kg/m3
  • Young Modulus=3500 MPa
  • Elastic limit=35 MPa

Optimization using Xtreme

  • Plug-in method: versatility and flexibility
  • Global optimization
  • Multiple objectives
  • Can deal with uncomputable simulations
  • Learning method included
  • Very fast convergence
  • Graphical user interface and meta model for 3D representation
  • Continuous / Integer / Discrete design variables
  • Continuous variable optimization and sequence optimization

Results of the radial pump optimisation

Hydraulic efficiency from 86.4 % to 88.5 % (+2.1 %)
Von Mises stresses from 2.71 MPa to 2.97 MPa < 10 MPa
Eigen frequencies (First 5 modes) increased by 7 %
Blue color tags the original blade shape

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Laurent D'Alvise