Tour of the Harn Museum Alexa Campbell


Old Man's Cloth, 2003, by El Anatsui

At first glance, I thought this was made of stones, or maybe some kind of mixed media metallic painting or sculpture, but once I walked closer to it I saw the small detailing of copper wire, bottle caps, and some indigenous cloth. It's extremely important to go to a museum instead of merely looking art up online or in a book, because (as this picture proves too) seeing a piece in person is a whole different (and more vivid) experience.


The Asian Collection Wing

This section of the museum really stood out to me; I love the hardwood floors and the columns lined in the same panels. It was also a very open area, which made it seem even larger than it was. It's also quite different than the other wings, not only with the large cabinets of vases and pots but also with the garden area outside. The natural lighting from the windows made viewing the art easier, and the rounded style of the room provided for a defined path of pieces to look at.

The garden area provided an interesting new atmosphere, as well as a relaxing setting in the middle of Gainesville.

Core Values

One of the Guerrilla Girls Pieces

I love the way that a piece of art can be extremely controversial, meant to get the population talking about difficult, and sometimes explosive, subjects. One of my core beliefs is in equality, not only between men and women, but between all people, no matter their race, religion, or sexuality. The Guerrilla Girls' goal was to call attention to the underrepresented: female artists in the visual art world. I admire their willingness to go against the grain and shed light on the inequalities of the entertainment and arts industries.

This piece has degrading quotes about women said by famous men throughout history painted in a graffiti style.
This photo draws what the pay gap looks like on a $1 bill, giving everyone a visual representation of the issue instead of an ambiguous statistical one.

Good Life

Midtown Composite, 1997, by Yvonne jacquette

Part of my idea of the good life is traveling and creating new experiences for myself. When I saw this picture it reminded me of a trip where I went to New York City with my best friend the summer before my senior year of high school. I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the city, and I knew I wanted to come back. I aspire to have a solid career and enough money to be able to travel to new cities like this one when I am an adult. Specifically, this artwork represents sharing and seeking the good life, since I think that experiences are best shared with other people and are more valued when sought out.

This piece is actually part of a larger collection, but I felt more drawn to this specific one because of the inclusion of the Empire State building.


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