Holy Land Tours By:Megan Sodemann

The whole purpose of this tour: the whole purpose of this tour is to learn not only about your religion but the other religions around you. To visit your historical factors of your religion and to experience things that most people wouldn't get or even have a chance to do.

Benefits: there are many benefits in this tour for all religions. You would get more knowledge than you already did have, will know about what's going on in your religion and in others at most times, do more activities with your family than you did, see more about other religions that your not in.

How this is a tour much different than others: this tour has many great things. It's different because your doing everything you possibly can with your religion and others, and you visit all areas of your religion all while having fun and learning.

Jews: Visit the wonderful land of Jerusalem. See where the founder (Abraham) lived, what life was like when the religion all started, read parts of the Torah. Finally visit Mosses another wonderful person in the Judaism religion.

Muslims: Visit the wonderful Land of Jerusalem. Visit the founder Muhammed and Allah. See how life was for them in 600CE and learn how they started the Muslims religion. Visit Mecca and there we will read parts of the Quran.

Christians: Visit the wonderful Land of Jerusalem. Visit Jesus, Mary, and Pope. Learn about how life would be like for them in their days (30CE). Read parts of the Bible. Visit where Jesus was born and died. Show where and how people most likely got baptized.

Cost: The tour costs $300 for one person. This includes your ticket, bus rental, lunch, and money for the tour guide. Tax is $15.

Monday: full tour.

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: full tour

Thursday: full tour

Friday: closed

Saturdays: kids addition. Where kids can do games and activities to get a better understanding of the content. A play and even get to try some things that all the religions do.

Sundays: Adult addition. Where adults get the straight forward tour and get to take pictures and visit some of the more grown up areas that kids wouldn't go crazy over.

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