Racism By: Monica Shim


Racism is discriminating and outcasting people from different colored skins. It's a social issue that is around the world and something that many people have experienced.

How I Arrived to this Inspiration

I arrived to this inspiration because I felt like it was most important and something that is crucial around the world. Racism is worldwide and a lot of violence and incidents occur because of it.

My personal story

This inspiration is very important because I experienced and witnessed many people receiving racist remarks. I go to a Catholic high school called St. Francis Prep. It's normally filled with white people and I feel very out of place near them. Although I have a lot of friends at my school, there are many things that I struggle with. There are some people who like to make fun of Asians and sometimes black people in my school. Ever since the first day of attending St. Francis Prep, I always wondered how other people felt if they were humiliated in public because of racism.

Why the audience should think about this

I feel like the audience should be interested in this topic because some people may have experienced certain situations as Asian Americans. I feel that for those who have experienced this, they would want it to end.

My 3 questions

3 questions have for this is: What are some people's worst encounters of racism? Do only immigrants go through racism? Does racism only occur if the person is the only different race in a crowd/school?


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