Women,Children,Babies,Cows,Cats By Robert Lowell


"It was at My Lai or Sonmy or something"- it shows that American soldiers were sent to that area by their commander.

"We was to burn and kill, then there would be nothing standing" - this shows that American soldiers were told to destroy the area which has a link to the title meaning that american soldiers killed anything that moved.

"You shoot her, I don't want to shoot no lady"- this shows that some soldiers hesitated in doing what they were suppose to do.

"I thought it was her gun. It kind of cracked me up"- In this line "it" shows that a soldier doesn't want to shoot an unarmed lady who is holding an innocent baby.

Author Background


The Vietnam War started in 1 November 1955 and it ended in 30 April 1975, another name for the war was "Resistance war Against America. The My Lai was part of the Vietnam War .In 1968 American were sent to My Lai to search and destroy in My Lai. Women, Children, Babies and animals were killed in this massacre. Civilians in My Lai were tortured and raped by the American soldiers. After the incident American soldiers were told not to speak about the incident but they started spreading the news to other people and this made the massacre known worldwide. Twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offences after the incident.

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