Photo Research
10 Rough draft
3 different composition
Final sketch
Final Copy

The purpose of this test as art project was to understand the important of the typography. We were told to choose any object, animal or a person and create an image using only the letters. through this, I learn how typography plays a big roll in visual communication and how it also provide visual punctuation to help reader connect text with images. through this assignment I learn that to relate text with images.

I first started by coming up with an object or living object to work with. I first wanted to do carnivorous plant however, while I was doing online research, I figure out that it might be kind of too simple so I chose Haetae which is a Korea and china's mythical animal. No one else was doing Haetae and it also looks unique so I though it was a great choice.

After choosing the image, I began drawing something rough draft and thumbnail and went on computer to work on Adobe Illustrator. As I was working on Illustrator, I encountered several problems. At first I had problems with the amount of letter I had to work with. I only had H, a, e, t, a, e to work with and that was very limited since mine had a lot of details. I later ended up changing to "Mythical Animal Haetae". it was soo much easier to work after changing the name.

I think the coolest part of my piece is that its really unique and detailed. I haven't seen any classmates doing Haetae and I think a lot of people doesn't even know what Haetae is. I thought it was great that mine doesn't overlap with other and it might also be interesting if other people see some new things. overall I found this assignment interesting and very helpful. It was a great way to understand how typography can help to provide a visual punctuation to help reader relate text with images.

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