Poems The poems of Angel Island

On Angel Island the Asian people started to write poems on the wall to express their feeling. Angel Island is in San Francisco, California.

This poem is one of the 47 poems in the Angel Island barracks and I will translate it for you. First the individuals talk about their feelings of the ocean. The last thing that keeps him from living his life is the ocean that is blocking him from reaching America. He is in this building and he can't go away from this island because the water blocks him so that is why he wrote that poems.

This is one of the poems on the walls
This is a other poems from Angel Island and I will translated for you.First he said that is blocked in this building days by days . Next he said that he lost he's freedom. After he look around to see if somebody is happy but he only see sadness. He said that he depressing. And at the end he just want to return home and tell it to everybody.

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