Plumber CHEMISTRY in plumbing

As a plumber I use chemistry everyday.

A Plumber is a trades person and they deal with pipes,sewage systems and install water supply lines,and unclog drains for homes and businesses.
Chemicals used in a plumbers life are:sodium hydroxide,sodium hypoclorite,Sulfuric acids, they are used to clean clogged drains and for many other things.

Chemicals equations

[h2 SO4+2 NaoH - Na2 So4+2 H2O)

Sulfric acid + sodium hydroxide +Sodium sulfric and water

The three different type of drain cleaner are :Caustic drain cleaners(are bases),oxidizing drain cleaners(bleaches used in household), acid drain cleaners.sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, at stores for plumbers).

You should never mix drain cleaners because all drain cleaners are not created equally their are 3 different drain cleaners created with diff rent chemicals and if you mix them theirs gonna be a reaction


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