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"My father said I could be anything I want, so I became a disappointment" - Alberto Einstein

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4 Reasons to say no to drugs, even if they don't listen

When you were younger, you may have been walking with your mother along the town district, and you see a shady, hooded character in an alley half naked, covered snowflakes, laughing and crying while grouping the air shouting for Peter Pan to whisk him away to Neverland, and thought to yourself: “Wowzers, I wanna grow up and be just like him!”

Yeah I didn’t think so…

Drugs are a hell of a thing to do. And you may be tempted to attempt drugs out of peer pressure from your friends, or wanting to climb that reputation ladder and dominate that “social circle” but that won’t matter when you and the other junkies are six feet under, whilst your parents piss on your grave for dishonoring the family name.

Of course we must look past the negative stereotypes, and examine the justifications that people give for using drugs. The main such reason being how they use it to escape reality, and to feel the immense pleasure. In retrospect, it makes them feel like a god


However, it’s not without its consequences. There’s a whole in-depth scientific breakdown to its negatives which I’m not going into since nobody really cares….

Therefore, here are 4 other reasons why you shouldn’t do drugs

1. Addiction

So the first one is the most obvious reason, is the addiction. You’ll be so overwhelmed and consumed by it that your sense of rationality drops faster your bank account you shell out trying to afford more. Withdrawal symptoms are more of a pestilence, in which if you try to stop drugs after being so long, you start to feel empty and distraught.

“The other day I went to the doctors for an annual checkup, and he asked me “Have you been doing any drugs recently?” I told him “Does love count as a drug?” Surprised he told me “Love is the strongest drug there is!” It’s a good thing really, because I really love cocaine…”

There are so much better, easier, legal ways to kill yourself, or other things to get addicted to. Memes for example. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with.


2. You’ll do things you’ll regret

When you’re under the influence of drugs, you’ll liable to do things that you would never have done with a sane mind. That being said, you won’t have complete control over your surroundings, your behavior and perceptions change, you’ll start buttering things of how Hitler was pretty ok and that Trump isn’t a bad choice, and your friends will all start questioning their relationship with you.

Soon you’ll wake up in the morning, with no memory of what happened, your teeth out form your mouth, your friends missing, a tiger in your room and you have to spend the whole day piecing back together what happened…

Sounds familiar? That’s right, The Hangover… one of the most important and classic documentaries


3. You affect the people around you

It’s safe to say that doing drugs not only harms you, it harms your loved ones as well. (Assuming you have loved ones….) Drugs are a very strong influence of death. To illustrate this, I have constructed a chart with my infinite wisdom to showcase the severity of the situation.

Source: ME

But in all seriousness, dying from an overdose or failing organs is a very bad way to go. After all, they very well can’t be your loved ones if you’re not around for them to love.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, drugs takes away the control and morality from your body, making you a public menace. Just like a certain costumed themed friendly neighborhood individual.


4. Backstabbing your wallet

Literally, you may as well just burn your wallet, debit cards, house, car, degrees and anything that’s not valuable. You thought drugs were cheap and easy to get?


The cost of getting that fix constantly is going to lead you to do bad things, like steal from your friends, get into debt, resort to a life of a criminal and eventually just die.

You wouldn’t want that would you? There’s plenty of other things to waste your money on, like cooperate produced fast food chains or investing in Bitcoin.

In all seriousness and past the sarcasm, drugs only deter you and disables the best potential you can achieve. Even if you feel like it’s the only gateway to happiness, a coping mechanism or just something to experience, be vary and ready for the consequences of your actions. It is your life, but take time to really think about it



Description: Persona is an app to provide an easy, accessible online shopping platform for men’s clothing. Its main aim is to

1) Be up to date with the latest trends and fashion styles for men

2) Provide an easy online store for anyone to use

3) To be able to look up celebrity profiles to reference their fashion styles

This app has several features to provide a fresh variety of the fashion scene for men

1) Splash screen

2) Login screen - can be linked with Google accounts, Facebook accounts or signed up with an email account

3) Home page - with easy to locate pathways for the next screen

4) Side bar – For social media sharing and searching

5) Celebrity profiles – Constantly updated with celebrity profiles and photo shoots so that people can study the styles that they adopt, as well as the celebrity’s bio

6) About Us – A little insight about the App and what it does

7) Discover – A feature that tracks your location, and randomly locates different clothing outlets nearby based off your location with a short description

8) Snap – A feature that allows people to snap clothing or accessories that the app does not already carry, so that it can be looked into and potentially added to help further furnish the store with more diversity. Customer satisfaction is top priority.

9) Latest Trends – Latest news and videos on the different fashion styles and clothing.

10) Store – An easy to browse store, housing many categories, each with a description and pricing. A checkout button to the right, so that users can easy add their desired items to their cart, and checkout when they are satisfied with their browsing and purchases. Delivery will be made to their, after contact details and info are filled out.

11) Feedback page – For customers to give their reviews, thoughts and complaints about the app

Persona will strive and continue to be the personal fashion mobile app, and try it's best to deliver the latest style changes

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Short Video

And on the 6th day of Christmas, 6 legends were born from the fiery depths of hell

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Inspired by Chibi characters, memes and comic book type of faces

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