Positives that Sub-Saharan Africa Has By: Nick Savaiano


Education Enrollment Rising in Sub-Saharan Africa

Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, literacy rates tend to be extremely low. This is due to the fact that children are busy with work or busy trying to raise a family or also the fact that the parents just do not have enough money to pay for the child's education. The social norms are much different in Africa than many places. Having children at a very young age is very common and also not going to school to work is also common. It was not until recently that primary school enrollment has increased from 59 to 77 percent. Governments throughout Africa are pushing families to enroll their children in school and to avoid the children joining the army or working. Even though there is this huge jump in enrollment percentage, there is much to be done. Educational achievements remain very low with a small percentage of children being at the educational level they are supposed to be at. Also, their are huge differences in gender enrollment such as in Malawi, with 52 percent of girls not enrolled compared to 43 percent of boys. There are also differences between rural and urban children such as in Tanzania, 10 percent of rural children are not learning compared to 4 percent of urban children. There is much to be done in Sub-Saharan Africa and getting children education is one of the priorities. If they could continue making that enrollment percentage go up, Sub-Saharan Africa can become a place filled with unlimited potential and success. Sub-Saharan Africa has a bright future, if these countries continue to go on the right path.

Sub-Saharan Africa reminds me of Europe. With such a diverse amount of countries and also countries that are developed and developing. Just like Europe it has an unlimited amount for potential and growth. I believe that Sub-Saharan Africa can become a very successful group of countries if they all work to support each other and put aside their ethnic status.

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