villa ocean breeze by brodie watkins

how much it is and its location

the villa ocean breeze is $633 dollars a night.

Villa Ocean Breeze is located in Bali at Ngurah Rai. which also has A easy 3 minute walk to the beach if you are wanting salt water or you could use their oval shaped pool which is more private.

the house

the bedroom in the main house has a view of the beach and the bush where downstairs has a full wooden kitchen making it feel a-lot like a beach house with the backyard having a spa a pool a recliner seeing the view in a box filled with water for a colder temperature when sitting down. it also has 2 more houses. one with a big living room for guest and the over for a bedroom up stairs and a dinning table down stairs.


At the Villa Ocean Breeze you can do multiple activities by going for a swim in the pool or walking down to the beach which is 3 minutes away from here. you are also a walk to restaurants or clubs. if you are not feeling like going to a resteraunt you can order brekfast lunch and dinner from the staff.

This house is perfect for big groups or family because it has 4 bedrooms and 8 people max for just beds theres also couches if you are bunking in.

The Villa Ocean Breeze is a great holiday!

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