Piedmont Wellness Center Fayetteville, GA

Architect: Perkins and Will

Project Category : Health & Wellness

Total Construction Cost : $60 million

Total Gross Square Feet : 57,000

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : $1,052.00

How was the facility funded? : Corporate sponsorship

Project Description:

Serving 5,000 movie industry employees per day, the Piedmont Wellness Center is an architectural scene-stealer. The building is sited to capture panoramic views of the adjacent Pinewood Forest by enveloping interior programming — from aquatics spaces to turf-lined training areas — in walls of glass. A wide operable opening to the exterior, where synthetic turf extends to accommodate open-air activity beneath a towering wood canopy, creates a sense of seamless connection between structure and nature. Bearing the brand of Piedmont Healthcare, the facility runs the gamut from first-class preventive medicine in the form of fitness, nutrition and meditation, to out-patient rehabilitation services. Its design philosophy combines education and whimsy, with amenities including a test kitchen and a giant interior slide alongside stadium stairs. “The amount of natural light truly makes this feel like a health and wellness facility beyond the physical component,” stated one judge. “The mental health and biophilic connection to the landscape through wood, natural light and outside workout spaces brings another level of sophistication to this project.”

“A jewel-like building set in seemingly bucolic surroundings, this wellness center shines literally and figuratively. When you view it from the exterior, you immediately want to go in and explore. The interior color palette, mostly neutral with a few splashes of color, is very compelling.” — Tracy Carusi

"The design team’s restrained use of materials, careful and appropriate siting, simple forms andrefined detailing result in a graceful and dignified building. The ethereal quality of light in thisfacility provides a wonderful user experience.” — Katie Barnes

"The planning overlaps different activities, and does it in a clean well-organized way.” — Steve Chung