Anesthesia Alexis & ryan

Anesthesia was first discovered by William T.G. Morton. Morton was born in Charlton Massachusetts, on August 9th, 1819. When he discovered anesthesia he had called the anesthetic "laughing gas". The anesthetic properties of nitrous oxide were discovered when he was inhaling it and realized he didn't feel much, later asking friends to come inhale the substance and they too agreed on the effects of it.

One Type of Modern Anesthesia Being Used

Anesthesia (Laughing Gas) was used for the first surgical and successful time on a patient named Gilbert Abbot. Abbot was getting a procedure to get a tumor removed known as a mass resection. The anesthetic was used on the patient at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846.

Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846

A lot of people don't really know exactly what anesthesia is. Anesthesia is the induction of a state of unconsciousness with the absence of pain throughout the entire body. Anesthesia can be given in many different forms. The most common ones being, a liquid or juice or it can even be injected by needles. It is mainly used during procedures so the patient doesn't feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Replica of the First Anesthetic Inhaler

Anesthetics affected the industrial revolution in a huge way. Now people could get the procedures they needed without feeling as much pain, and with people not having to feel pain doctors, dentist, and surgeons would be getting more business. More people would also be willing to get the life dependent surgeries, which would cause more people to live longer.

Different Types of Anesthetics

Anesthetics have come a long way. Before receiving any type of anesthetic your doctor has to examine weight, height, BP, and medical history. After the doctor has to review any medications you're taking or have took to make sure there are no complications during surgery. Before taking modern anesthesia there are lots of precautions to go through, rather than when it was first discovered and it was just a simple gas people would sniff.

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