Digital Publishing Final thoughts

I have learned so very much doing this course... so many short cuts being self taught I missed. I really appreciated how simple adding in a grid was to enhance and improve layout. I liked the comment "grids establish a rhythm and meter" and guides the viewer in a logical way through the pages. The use of the Golden Ratio was so well explained it finally made real sense to me. (Which is why I stick to the rule of thirds). Creating paragraph and layer styles really streamlined the process, even just the simple holding option (Mac) to duplicate something. I really enjoyed how the projects built on each other, from business card through to the interactive functions, and I am already working out how I can get this happening with my students. Often referring back to design elements and principles was really great as it reinforces what I teach and gives me other ways to approach it. The discussion on symmetry vs asymmetry was something which makes me want to explore the elements even more. The guest speakers on the live recordings were brilliant and very inspiring. I have some names to follow, and ideas to try out. I really liked the idea of creating the booklet structure on paper... that's how I roll. Lots of amazing links and videos and sites which have been bookmarked. Thanks for all of the wonderful takeaways, and looking forward to the next journey.

Thank you to all of the amazing Adobe trainers for sharing their knowledge. again, a brilliant way to spend my break.

Week 5

This has been such a wonderful course to do.... only to be stumped on the last project with one little button.

I have embedded the use of Master Pages to avoid moving things around. Paragraph and Object Styles streamline the process.

I was able to create simple animations but no one but me can see them, as I don't have the "Publish Online" button in the version of InDesign I am using.

The opening page had my name animate in . The heading Creative Educator took you to my PD blog. Each of the next lines were converted to buttons and the Professional Development went to Page 2, and the Creative Arts Classes went to page 3. Adobe Education Trainer takes you to my Behance site and Resources takes you to previous PD I have run.

Pages 2 and 3

I probably went over the top with photos... and if things were working better I possibly would have put them on seperate pages. I inserted a link on the PD page to my PD blog, and on the creative classes page a button from text links to my Makerspace blog, where I share my creations. On the Master page B which I used for pages 2 and 3 I created a little house PNG in Photoshop (quicker and simpler than the way we were shown as it's in the shape symbols) which linked back the pages to the Home page.

Overall... I would probably simplify the layout a lot more. Less is more, as long as the links work. So, after I upload this I will be getting a strategy in place to update my Adobe CC, and at school as well, so the students reap the benefits.

Week 4

This week's task was to create a 4 page pamphlet in InDesign. Once again this has cemented my skills and strengthened my understanding of the ins and outs of InDesign as well as the nitty gritty of putting together a well planned and laid out design.

I used the grids, and master pages to pop them on to each page beautifully, then creatively (I hope) put the information in. It was based on a simple handbook I created for the school holiday program for primary aged kids. So I did try to keep it image based and I had to work to keep the terms simple, but still useable enough for my high school classes. I also used my business card from week one as an asset on the final page. I will probably expand this booklet to include each of the elements of design. I would like to print it to see how the background works, if too distracting from the info I could make it more transparent, or simply white, or a textured image. I definitely prefer InDesign's layout flexibility. I wonder if you can work out how many columns and rows.... hehehe

Week 3

Creating a Flyer: I have done a lot of publishing, school magazines etc, and just doing this small unit I have learned so much that will simplify my production process so much more. I am actually creating some handouts for a photography class I am running, so instead of what I had planned I switched back to InDesign... giving myself enough time to fall back on a different format if it took too long.

Amazing... GRID templates you are my hero... who knew they even existed... I told myself at the start of this... keep it simple, and what better way than with a grid to keep my usual disorganisation looking organised. Revisiting the layout elements of the Golden mean was brilliant... reinforcing what I am teaching the kids, into my own work...

Creating layers in the ID document to keep text seperate from headings... was another brilliant find...(seriously how did I make those magazines without knowing this stuff... well it did take me ages, but still quicker that the old school layout board that had to be screened by the printers.) I used the "illusion of breaking the grid" as I laid out my columns and I hope it worked ok.

Creating Layers within InDesign

I loved being able to create the paragraph styles. I have seen them sitting there, and never had time to investigate just how they could streamline my process. I have learned so much to really simplify the InDesign mysteries in this project. Bring on week 4.

The finished flyer.

Week 2

Creating a header for a social media platform. I have to make sure I don't get lured into a false sense of security, as I do a lot of this... but I am trying to stretch what I usually do in Photoshop or Spark or any number of other apps to using InDesign.

I was actually surprised with my colour choices for the business card, and have since updated it to a colour which reflects more of me. I am really enjoying finding the nifty hints and tips for using InDesign that are hard to work out when self learning... generally on the fly as I have to get a project done, usually print outputs, magazines, workbooks for students etc.

Revised colour scheme

So I thought I selected the same background colour... but it looks quite different on the screen.... more to play with. I selected a creative arts themed image from Pixabay (free to reuse) removed the background in Photoshop (I wish I wasn't rushing, but gotta get it done) then put the all of the text and logo details in, using the same font, trying a few different stroke and opacity elements, hoping it doesn't look too crazy.

Photo from Pixabay.

The purple background is very bright... brighter than the business card, which is weird as I copied the layer and pasted it onto the other document. I found I am still working around which are the guide lines and the edge. I tried to balance the layout and styles, I hope it worked, would love some feedback, but probably the last one to get this done.

The online session was really interesting with the special presenter, Ali B. It was great to see how other teachers are using InDesign, and scaffolding the learning for students. I am really hoping I get VCD again next year as I have so much more to improve the course with from these PD sessions. I am keeping my notes in Google Keep... which I find really great for on the fly note taking, although like Sjaani I have my notebook and pen beside me as well.

Big ah ha moment was the fx button... omg.. I have used this in this project so I hope I remember it for the next one... and the awesome cheat sheet is now in my onlilne resources too

Week 1

Who knew when I signed up for this the past 4 weeks would be totally manic... ahhh well I will endeavour to complete this, lucky it's the holidays.

I have used InDesign since it was called Pagemaker, but have been entirely self taught. Already I am learning heaps of handy shortcuts. I loved the simplicity of adding the fonts through TypeKit, I could spend ages exploring.

I started with a photo and text and then felt it was too much so simplified the design to just use the font style to create the image, rather than make it too busy. Really happy with the finish. I did try a few different styles and still working with controlling all of the elements I want to.

Icon images from https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/white-contact-icons-collection_712946 Designed by Freepik and www icon from VectorStock.com

Font from Typekit Reross, a salute to the simple lines of Bauhaus.

My business card

I have been teaching Visual Communication and Design for the first time in ages, and this is giving me a huge range of resources to use in my classes. I also personally love exploring fonts and it has been ages since I have done it, so loving this whole project.

Created By
Suzanne Arnott


Freepik and vectorstock icons were used in the creation of my business card.

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