How to manage my budget by: Gabriela Perez

My Income: $2000 per month

My Expenses, What type?

  • $1000 in rent
  • $500 on utilities and gas for my car
  • Grocery bill of $250 per month

My Problem:

  • I have 2 concert tickets that cost $150 each but my car broke down and it will cost $250 to fix

My Solution:

  • I will sell both my tickets so I could receive $300 and have that extra cash for any other emergencies or expenses i could have that month, or even to go out somewhere else.


  • + $2000 in income - $1000 in rent - $500 in car expenses - $250 in grocery - $250 in emergency car repair + $300 in concert tickets.

Amount of money left = $300


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