Michelle Woodley Boudoir Photography #Bebrave

Tips for your Brave Boudoir Session

1. Be Excited!!!

If you booked a Boudior Session with us, you need to be excited. Maybe you‘re crossing an item off your bucket list, celebrating a milestone, surprising a loved one, or just embracing your inner brave self.... Whatever your reasons, you shouldn‘t be taking boudoir photos if someone else is making you do this. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the idea, and you are doing it because of you.




Wear loose fitting clothing the day of so that you don’t have markings when you strip down. Bring clothing that makes you FEEL sexy, not what you THINK is sexy. Don’t purposely go out and buy lingerie that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or is too over the top for you. It will read in your photos, on your face, and in your body language.The sexiest clothing items to bring are fall-off-the-shoulder tops, soft sweaters, a man’s button down shirt/tie, lacy underthings, simple black and white bras/panties (they can pair with other things), body suits (most popular), sheer slips/teddies, anything vintage, stockings/thigh highs/soft over-the-knee socks, sexy heels and subtle jewelry and hair pieces/flowers. Layering items is always a good thing to keep in mind. Bring as many clothing options as you can and we’ll narrow it down into 3-5 outfit. If you are doing a One Look Session, bring 2 outfits and we can narrow it down to 1.


3. Check all your clothes and accessories before your session

If you’re bringing shoes, take the stickers off the soles and make sure they’re not too scuffed. Make sure your nails are in pristine condition — you really don’t want half-painted nails in your photos. Cut the tags off the backs of your clothes if they’re going to show through. And the night before your shoot, make sure you’re organized with everything you need in one place. I know you’re like me and would hate to get to a place having forgotten something important!


4. Don’t get caught up in the inspiration

By all means, check out pinterest, instagram, and any other websites for inspiration pictures, but don‘t get caught up on them. Have an idea of the feel you want for your session and a few poses you would like to try. But, try to let your session be organic, so that the inspiration is you, not someone else!


5. Bring something meaningful to you or your significant other

This serves as a great way to personalize your shoot. It may be lingerie your husband gave you on your first anniversary, or a vintage charm bracelet you found on a scouting expedition while on vacation. One client brought her husbands’ ties to wear…and nothing else.


6. This is YOU!

Boudoir is a very raw, intimate, empowering experience. Women are coming to my Studio to feel beautiful, because somewhere down the line they have felt otherwise. If ever someone has told you that you are not good enough, not skinny enough, or not pretty enough, you WILL prove them wrong! I see women leave my studio feeling beautiful, feeling confident and loving themselves. Even if you first book me, wanting to get something for your second half or wave it off saying that you don’t have a significant other to do this for; Boudoir is a very beautiful experience for YOU and you should do it for YOU! Embrace the beauty of YOU! Be Brave.



  • If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot to avoid any bumpiness or redness.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed.
  • If you’re planning to visit the salon for a haircut or color, then give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it.
  • Be sure to get a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish.
  • Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photos, red, blotchy skin will not.
  • ~Drink plenty of water for luminous skin.
  • Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you’re worried about retaining water.
  • Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels.
  • Steam or iron your ensembles and hang them properly so they keep their shape as you travel to the studio.

The Day Before Your Shoot

  • Bathe, shave and moisturize.
  • Double-check everything is properly packed and ready for the shoot: heels, jewelry, accessories, props.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the studio without stressing.
  • Check weather and traffic reports to ensure you have allotted enough time for unexpected delays.
  • Enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening. Plan for a good night’s sleep – eight hours is ideal.

The Day Of Your Shoot

  • Use clear deodorant please.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid red marks on your skin (no jeans, tight socks or tight clothing, for instance).
  • Eat something light but filling before you leave the house.
  • Arrive with a clean and moisturized face and CLEAN HAIR (important!).
  • If you only paid your deposit, please have your final payment ready. NO Checks!
  • Most important: Take a deep breath and RELAX. It’s completely normal to be a wee bit nervous before your shoot, but please don’t worry because you will be in very good hands. We will show you exactly how to pose and work with you to get the perfect shot

I truly believe that every woman should splurge on this type of opportunity every once in a while.

Michelle Woodley, Photographer, is a member of the AIBP, The Association for International Boudoir Photographers, it is an exclusive place for artists to come together and showcase their passions and talents. Michelle is also a select member of Boudoir International, which is a referral site by Boudoir Divas and you can check out her link her: http://www.boudoirinternational.com/boudoir-photographers/michelle-woodley-boudoir-photography/

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