Study Groups by Cole Gaston

For this self-designed exhibit, I decided to study the effects of study groups on a persons performance in school. In order to prepare for my PSYC Exam 3, I will be studying with a group to see the effects.

We met two times a week for two weeks for this experiment. During sessions, we'd review material together, use flash cards, and do practice problems together. These were somewhat helpful because each person understands the material differently being able to come together with others fills gaps in your own knowledge of the material. There were different types of learners in our group, one girl always came with index cards that had cue words that she was able to recall by the time the test came around. All she needed was a key word and she could give all the detailed information and etiology of the term.

Although study group felt good at the time, I quickly noticed how much longer it took to study the same amount of material while working with a group of people. It seemed to take about twice as long to go over the same material with the study group. This is something to take into consideration when thinking of studying with a group.


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