Has school become more of a challenge for students now that it´s virtual?

Senior Carlos Morales said, “Yes and no. Scheduling things is a bit harder because teachers have been assigning a lot of work.

They think we have a lot of time now that we are home.” Morales continued, “I work most days, and it’s a little hard to find time to do things: work, hobbies, relaxing, and homework. At the end of the day, I end up doing everything, but mentally, I’m not there 100%. It’s kind of getting me, but I’m really working hard to fight it off. Although I am stressing about school, I currently have all As.” - Senior Carlos Morales

“Yes, because I’m just not motivated to do work, and it’s really hard to get help on assignments when you need it and to be honest if I had to choose between watching tv and doing assignments I’m watching TV,” said Wallace.

Wallace also thinks that the hardest part about online learning is getting up and actually doing the work.

Wallace said, “Because who actually gets up and says I’m going to do some work.”

Wallace explained that he most definitely prefers learning in the classroom, “I can get the help when I need it, and I’m tired of just sitting at home all day so boring.” -Sophomore Taveon Wallace

Junior Lizeth Gutierez said, “Yes, I believe school has become more of a challenge. Personally speaking, it isn’t as easy learning online than it is in person. While doing online school it’s as if we have to teach ourselves; meanwhile, when we go in-person, we always have resources in order to get any help we need.” Gutierez continued, “The hardest thing about online learning, for me personally, would be getting the work done on time. It is pretty difficult getting it done while being at home because it’s not how it was when we were at school where teachers would constantly tell you to get the work done. It feels a bit as if schoolwork was optional and you don’t get as much motivation.¨Gutierez prefers in-person learning.

“Yes because everything we were used to doing was all on paper. Now it’s all online and it’s harder: instead of doing the actual work in class with a teacher to help you right then and there, you have to wait till you can email them for a question you need help with,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales thinks that the hardest part about online 1 is keeping focused enough to complete assignments.

Gonzales said, “The new stuff we are learning and actually getting motivated to do the work.” -Freshman Victor Gonzales

“ I feel like virtual school has become more of a challenge because it’s harder for me to learn since I get distracted easily with things or sounds. Teachers have also given out a crazy amount of work to do, and it’s extremely hard for me to keep up.” Torres continued, “The good thing about virtual learning is that I get to wake up at 8:55 before class starts without having to get up and get ready.” - Sophomore Aylin Leon torres


Isidoro said, “Yes it has become more of a challenge now that it is online because I have to figure out when I can do certain things during the time I have class and then having to turn in my assignments is also a hassle.” Isidoro continued, “The reason being is that I have to figure out which ones to do before others because they assign more work than we had in normal school. In normal school, we had work, but we didn’t have as much work because teachers say that we’re weeks behind and school is just more hard because we can’t be in a classroom asking questions whenever we have one. Now we have to wait until the teacher says it’s okay to ask a question or we have to wait till office hours or small groups.” - Freshman Neyda Isidoro

“For me personally, yes I think in some ways school has become more of a challenge now that it's virtual. I’ve been going to public school, so adjusting and learning how to properly comprehend something online has been a challenge just because I’ve never had to do it before; I’m not used to it.” Garcez continued, “Digital learning is just different in so many ways. It’s a lot of independent learning and reading textbooks. It can be tricky when you aren’t used to that. Though in some ways virtual learning can be a bit easier. Your schedule is a lot more flexible, so you get to make more decisions on when you do stuff, which I personally like. I like getting to choose my schedule.” - Junior clara Garcez


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