Veteran's Day By: Katie May

Every year on November 11th, regardless of the day in which it falls on throughout the week, is a day US citizens come together to honor men and women who fought for our country. Every military veteran set themselves up to die for our country. This is a day to thank these wonderful people for giving us freedom and safety for our great nation. This year the high school's celebrations of Veterans took place on Friday, November 10.

November 10th, Paoli High School held the annual Veteran's Day program to honor local men and women who have served in the military.
Pictured top row right to left students, Noah Magner, Sara Kesterson, and Chaz Becht. Bottom row right to left students, Anna Hutcheson, and Maggie McGowen. Each read poems or essays about Veteran's Day.
Jerry Noll, a local Veteran spoke during the program.
Honoring Veterans


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