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A funeral marks the end of a person's life here on earth. It is a time for family and friends come together to express grief while giving thanks for the life lived.

Just as every person is unique, so is their funeral. A Good Funeral Company funeral service is a way for you to commend your loved-one into God's keeping and say farewell in a way that honours them.

Our funeral services are personalised to celebrate the life of the individual. It doesn’t matter whether the service is a small, quiet ceremony at the crematorium or a large church occasion. Our funeral celebrants will work with you to create a service which best suits your loved one and their beliefs.

At the Good Funeral Company we understand that dealing with bereavement and trying to organise a funeral is really difficult. From the moment you contact us to discuss a funeral service, we’ll be with you as you come to terms with a loved-one’s death. We’ll make sure the funeral service recognises the uniqueness of that person’s life, their passions values and beliefs.

About the Good Funeral Company

The Good Funeral Company provides personalised Christian-based funeral services, celebrating the life of the person who’s died, recognising their uniqueness to you and to God.

Who we are

The Good Funeral Company is part of the Church of England’s Diocese of Liverpool and is backed by the Bishop of Liverpool.

Our Mission

Making good Christian-based funeral services available, personalised, accessible, and affordable for anyone in the Diocese of Liverpool who wants to mark a loved one’s death through prayer.

Our Funeral Celebrants

Our Good Funeral Company celebrants come from a Church of England background. Good Funeral Company celebrants have been trained to create and conduct a personalised funeral, farewell and memorial services in a variety of styles and places. They understand the sensitivities regarding family dynamics and grief.

Our celebrants are experts in their chosen field when it comes to prayer, ceremony and ritual. Inclusive, non-judgemental and trustworthy our celebrants understand confidentiality. They take good funeral services.

What do we do?

When you contact us about a funeral service, we will find out from you as much information as possible about the person who’s died. This is so we can make sure we find the most suitable celebrant to take their funeral service.

You’ll receive a condolence card from us, introducing the Good Funeral Company celebrant who will take the funeral service. Your celebrant will also contact the funeral director so they are aware of all the funeral details.

Your Good Funeral Company funeral celebrant will get in touch with you to find out where and when is the best time to visit you to discuss the funeral service. We can visit you in your home, at the funeral directors or in a church in the Diocese of Liverpool – wherever you feel most comfortable discussing the details of the funeral service.

When we visit you, we’ll listen to you so we can understand how we can create a funeral service which recognises the uniqueness of your loved one’s life. We’ll talk about the type of readings, music and tributes you feel are fitting to you and your loved one. From this, we’ll craft a bespoke service to help you grieve, celebrate and give thanks for their life and say farewell to your loved one.

During the visit, you’ll receive a prayer card and a candle holder. We’ll share a quiet moment of thanksgiving for your loved one.

If you’d like a service of blessing and anointing at the Chapel of Rest or in your home, please let us know.

We’ll be at the funeral venue waiting to meet you, making sure the service goes as planned. If you want us to, we can join you at the wake after the funeral service.

Your Good Funeral Company funeral celebrant will make sure that they dress appropriately for your funeral service. They can wear robes if that’s what is fitting for the service you’ve agreed with your celebrant.

After the service, we’ll be in touch to see how you are. You’ll also be invited to an annual memorial service at Liverpool Cathedral to remember your loved one.

How much does it cost for a Good Funeral Company celebrant service?

The fee for a Good Funeral Company celebrant is £200*. This includes

  • Blessings, anointing and prayers at the Chapel of Rest or at home before the funeral. This can be during the day or evening.
  • A funeral service at your venue of choice - woodland burial site, natural burial ground, hotel, cemetery or church*.

*Our fee is for services of the Good Funeral Company celebrant. There are other charges for funeral services in church buildings which are not included in our fee e.g. for an organist, vergers, grave spaces, memorials, etc.

We operate across the whole of the Diocese of Liverpool and have access to a church in every community.

If you need help getting in touch with a church in our Diocese, ask us and we can arrange everything with you on their behalf.

Get in touch with us

Contact our team Monday to Friday, during office hours:

t: 0151 702 7229 and 0151 705 2194

e: admin@goodfuneralcompany.org.uk

a: St James House, 20 St James Rd, Liverpool L1 7BY

If you need to get in touch with us urgently, you can contact us on our mobile number (available during weekends and evenings).

m: 07940 378 223

Why have a Good Funeral Company funeral service?

We understand organising a funeral is really difficult while you are coming to terms with a loved one’s death. A Good Funeral Company service goes beyond the funeral service. When you contact us, we will find the right celebrant to take the funeral service which recognises the uniqueness of your loved one’s life. When we visit you, we’ll listen to you to create the funeral service you feel your loved one would have liked, honouring the person’s who’s died in a prayerful way.

During the funeral service, we will be with you listening, caring and supporting you through the day as you say farewell to your loved one.

After the funeral, we’ll keep in touch with you. You’ll be invited to a memorial service at Liverpool Cathedral.

What is a funeral service?

A funeral service is a way of celebrating the life of a loved one. It’s an opportunity for you to express your emotions, bringing friends and family together to mark the passing and celebrate the life of someone important to them. You, your family and friends can share their grief and support one another, finding meaning and solace by coming together as a group.

You may want a traditional Church of England funeral service which usually follows an order of service structure of readings, a sermon, prayers and hymns. But that is entirely up to you. You can also choose music, songs or poems that you feel makes the service more personal to your loved one and their life.

If you are arranging a religious funeral service, you may want to hold a ceremony in a place of worship. But they can also take place at a crematorium or other location.

You may want to include a eulogy written and delivered by a family member or close friend. You may also want to include special requests such as the deceased’s favourite music and funeral flowers.

The funeral service often ends with a burial or cremation and are followed by a post-funeral reception, commonly known as a wake.

At the Good Funeral Company, we’ll help you create a personalised funeral service that recognises the individuality of your loved one.

St James’ House, 20 St James Road, Liverpool L1 7BY | 0151 702 7229 and 0151 705 2194



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