Desi & Lucy's Inaugural weekend adventure

Here's our street... time to inspect the inaugural preparations!
Perhaps we should get some new is special occasion after all.
This is Chianatown! I thought we were going to the National Mall!?!
We are NOT going on the Metro.
Why is this guy photo-bombing us?
Here we go!
Making friends with the MPD
We have to save these for two days!?!
Desi & Lucy, defenders of democracy
You will get tickets eventually... we promise!
Day 1 complete. Tomorrow, the Capital!
Day 2, the calm before the storm.
Do we have to go on another walk?
We need coffee too!
Whoa! Where is everybody?
Sorry, we can't salute.
The calm before the storm
Thanks Team!
Inauguration Day at our place, I think we should stay home...
After the ball.
The end!
Created By
Piero Bonamico

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