3D Graphics and Experimentation

In addition to my major in Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation, I am also a 3D graphics technology minor at the University of Southern California. Since high school I've been exploring ways that 3D technology can impact our lives from industrial design and 3D printing to animation and storytelling. Here are some projects and experiments from the past year! All visual work can be found on my instagram or through the visuals tab of my website - andrewhulin.com

Rendering for a consulting project done with Mattel for their Hot Wheels brand.
Unnatural History - Screenshot from my 3D animation final for CTAN-452. Through this process I learned digital camera work, building generative mograph systems (the crystals), Complex texturing and lighting, character rigging, and gained a deeper skillset in production planning, art direction, and managing rendering pipelines. The project was made in Cinema 4D with Redshift and the full video can be found on my Instagram.

Visual Explorations

This exploration I made in Blender 2.8 to test out particle systems and how quickly an engaging visual can be made with simple particle modifications.


Set to the song "Sleepwalking" by Illenium. I wanted to capture a dreamlike feel and the feeling of mindlessly moving forward. Almost all lighting is coming from a NASA space photo that is emitting light while rotating.

Touchdesigner particle system

A particle system made in Touchdesigner with a color ramp and displacement mask and noise. As the audio-reactive particles move through each other they leave a tail that blends and blurs the image.

This is a photo of an eyeball taken into Adobe Illustrator, vectorized, and then recolored. Then, I brought it into Touchdesigner, applied noise and made the noise audio-reactive to give it liquid like qualities that respond in realtime to audio.

I demoed it with the song "Wide Awake" by Petit Biscuit.

Visual exploration for an AR weather desk toy. If it's going to rain, there will be rain clouds. If it's going to be windy, the tree will shake accordingly. You can spin the disk to "fast forward" time and see the forecasted weather for the week.

Culver Current

This is a public art project by Nate Mohler and Jacob Fishman that reads a variety of signals from Culver City and creates realtime graphics on the piece. It is currently in front of Culver City Hall. I worked on parts of the assembly and the design and manufacturing of the roof to allow the computer equipment to be accessible while also preventing rain and water from entering.

What I'm currently working on - Data Dancing

Last semester I worked with Crosstown LA - a data visualization group out of the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. They have access to data on every crime committed in Los Angeles over the past ten years. One startling piece of data is the incredibly high (and largely underreported) rate of domestic violence, especially in Downtown Los Angeles. I am working on creating a dance piece in a 3D environment using motion capture and particle systems to hopefully more completely share the stories of domestic violence victims in Los Angeles. Each particle will be a reported case and can then be organized by category such as LGBT domestic violence.

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