Technology should not be Banned BY Arwen SCHIFFERLI

Beep...Beep...Beep. That is the sound that greets your ears as you walk into any public school at recess or lunch. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It's up to you to decide! Should technology be Banned? I don't think so. To turn you to my point of view my topics will be; more people will die, people will just invent it again and we wouldn't have anything!

Yes, believe it or not more people will die sooner if technology is banned. Think about it logically, lots of people in the world have life threatening conditions only hanging to life with the use of a machine. If you ban tech you basically KILL thousands of helpless people. A you a heartless murderer? I'm not, I say keep technology.

How many people know how to farm without technology? I certainly don't. If we take away technology our whole modern world crashes. THink about it. Every thing you own was made with technology! Your clothes, food, house and many other things. Humans have sunk themselves to deep into this mess to back out now! So unless you are an expert a no tech, I suggest we shouldn't get rid of it!

Ok we humans are a smart race, we invented technology in the first place. The logical thing to ussume is humans would just make it again but call it something different. Such as electrical cars have been around for a while its just that they were forbidden by the government. Now electric cars are starting to become more popular. See that proves it humans will just keep at it.

In short it seems clear that technology should not be banned. The reasons being; more people will die, humans will just remake it and we would not survive without it.

Created By
Arwen Schifferli


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