Character Analysis Salvatore pio Marciante Jr.

Joe Keller

Dynamic or Static: Dynamic; Joe Keller shows growth and change through story. At first he was the main man or an example of the perfect man and then becomes a villain after picking money and business over his countries soldiers.

Round or Flat: Round Character; Joe Keller is a round character because he undergoes change. At the beginning the reader views Joe as a kind family man who couldn’t be so mean, but he did what he did for money and not only himself but for his son and his family to make money in the future.

Direct Characterization: “Keller is nearing sixty. A heavy man of stolid mind and build, a business man these many years, but with the imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss still upon him.

Indirect Characterization: “I ignore what I gotta ignore”.

Indirect Characterization: “For you, Kate, for both of you, that’s all I ever lived for…”

Analysis: Based off of the direct and indirect characterization of Joe Keller, we can infer that he is a desperate man who tries to help his family but based on his actions, it negatively affects others around him.

Character and Theme: Joe's character in the book shows how in life cheaters never win. When selling those broken cylinder heads to make money he ruined his relationship with his son and maybe wife, also dealing with the fact of the soldiers who died because of him.

Ann Deever

Dynamic or Static: Static; Ann is a static character because she doesn’t undergo any huge changes is the story other than marrying Larry’s brother Chris.

Round or Flat: Flat; Ann is a flat character because she does not change throughout the story. She was the manager at the time of Joe Keller’s business when the cylinder heads had been sold. She claims she knew nothing about it. Her dead husband killed himself and left her a note beforehand and Ann goes to Kate Keller to show her.

Direct Characterization: “Ann is twenty-six, gentle but despite herself capable of holding fast to what she knows”.

Indirect Characterization: "I'll do nothing about Joe, but you're going to do something for me. You made Chris feel guilty with me… I'd like you to tell him that Larry is dead and that you know it. You understand me?”

Indirect Characterization: Sue:” And he’s got money. That’s important, you know”

Ann: “It wouldn’t matter to me”

Analysis: Based off of the direct and indirect characterization of Ann Deever we can infer that she is a good person and very honest. I get the impression that she believes in whatever she believes and has no problem telling somebody what they need to hear.

Character and Theme: "The truth hurts but less than a lie". I say this because of the honesty and courage Ann produces. She tells Kate the truth about her husband who past away who is Kate's son.

Jim Bayliss

Dynamic or Static: Jim Bayliss is a static character because he doesn’t go under any changes during the book and as a reader we only know one side of his personality.

Round or Flat: Jim Bayliss is a flat character because the doctor doesn’t change and has no major events occur to him.

Direct Characterization: “Doctor Bayliss is nearing forty. A wry self-controlled man, an easy talker, but with a wisp of sadness that clings even to his self-effacing humor”.

Indirect Characterization: After a conversation with Frank and Joe Jim is listening and says “Him? Hes alright. Hes just completely out of his mind, that’s all”.

Indirect Characterization: Jim: "I have a feeling hes in the park. Ill look around for him. Put her to bed.

Analysis: Based off of the direct and indirect characterization of Jim Bayliss I can infer that he is a kind and Careful man. He loves helping people not even due to the fact that hes a doctor but he helps people outside the medical world.

Character and Theme: "Helping others has a better feeling than receiving money". Jim Bayliss lives next door to the Kellers and is a good neighbor who helps the family when there in need, also who is a doctor helps people in need.


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