Happy Child, Happy Society Soza Gaffaf in Iraq

In 1996 I arrived in the Netherlands after fleeing from a war torn region. From the first moment I have been full of appreciation and gratitude that I have been able to build up my life again.

I have a teaching background and I am a trainer and coach. An everlasting love and urge to contribute to my country resulted in my own non-profit foundation called Soz Fonds.

Our first projects were aimed at helping handicapped and impaired children in the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq, providing them with materials, financial support and education from the Netherlands.

After a period of economic crisis, political instability and increasing threats of conflict (2014-2017) more and more people alerted me that children are dealing with increasing amounts of aggressiveness, anxiety and fear.

I set up the project ‘Happy Child, Happy Society’ aimed at supporting these children - and their teachers and parents - to find more tranquillity, inner peace and to experience happiness. In this project I use acknowledged and effective methods.

IOM’s CD4D project became a window of opportunity for me to accelerate this project.