Apartheid IN South Africa By: Matthew

Apartheid In south Africa was a terrible time for African Men,women and children. This apartheid began in the year 1651 when Dutch Settlers came to south Africa and African's had to have identification cards with them at all times and  were forced to work in diamonds mines and were pad less then the white workers in the mines.

Diamond from the mines

For black school was different depending on witch district your in or if you were white, blacks had 1 teacher for 60 students for whites they had 1 teacher for every 22 students, at the hospital there only 1 doctor for Africans and 5 doctors for the whites.

Blacks had less then whites in any situation

The massacre,69 people were killed 180 wounded when police open fire on protesters in south Africa for protesting on segregation to end for African Women, Men and children, living under apartheid.

Protest for segregation to end

Nelson Mandela was a symbol of hope because of his empowering speeches " Africans want to be paid a living wage.Africans want to perform work witch there are capable of doing, and not work witch the government declares them to be capable of, Africans want to be allowed to live where they obtain work, and not be removed from an area because they were not born there".

Nelson Mandela


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