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My name is Alexis de Tocqueville and this book is to inform you what it is like to be a early American and to tell you what the early American Art, Music, Literature and Politics. To be a early American, you had to be able to dance paint write and be a good citizen in the country.

Alexis de Tocqueville


The Americans music is so very different from ours at home. They have formal and very different styles. I personally experienced their classical music. It was elegant and formal and so very beautiful. I have also heard of a song that the slaves use to sing. They say it's called Spiritual music. They also have square dances with some funky music, and some patriotic music.


The americans have some very beautiful art pieces. Some groups like the Painters of the Hudson river school only focused on one type of style. They painted landscapes that highlighted natural beauty, while other artist like George Catlin painted American Indian life. The common people of America also painted. Their work is called folk art because it is made from the common folk. Gilbert Stuart made patriotic portraits of famous American founders and contributors.

George Washington Portrait


The Literature in America was mostly based around the Americans land. There were some patriotic writings some serious writings comedic writing and much more different types of writing. Some writers like Davy Crockett became very famous from these writing. The literature was mostly about the landscape around them. The writing's were generally about adventures and nature.

Almanac of Davy Crockett


The Politics here in america are very different than back in Europe. They had a so called “Era of Good Feelings” were they thought that everything was perfect. They were right the government was amazing. They were very fair but had a steel grip on the country. That all changed when Andrew Jackson ran for president and won! A low life citizen won the presidential race. This I have never seen before. I have a feeling that even with this bizarre president that the strong country of America will still survive.

Andrew Jackson as President


In conclusion, the American traditions and styles are very different and unique compared to our European traditions. There music, art, politics, and literature will always be their own special types and nothing will change that. This concludes my book on American traditions and styles.

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