The shot that didn't count By: Nyvia Lyles

It all started my 7th grade year of middle school. Everyone knew I played basketball. I was pretty good for my age and I wanted to show everyone what I could do. I had been on a AAU team so I was familiar about how this basketball thing worked. This was the first time I would be able to try out for a school team. I was nervous it was my first real try-out. I had confidence in my self but, I didn't know what would come my way. Looking back now, I could have never prepared my self more to find out what I did at that moment. The feelings, the emotions, everything. I wouldn't take anything back, I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

Lets bring it back all the way to the week before tryouts. I had let my dad know when and where the tryouts where. He let me know what we needed to do to prepare so I could be ready and confident at tryouts. Thats exactly what we did. We would go out to the court after school and work. For a couple hours here and their working on dribbling and through my legs and shooting. Making sure I was ready. I didn't know the other girls skill set so I needed to come in at my best no matter what.

It had come to the day of the tryouts. It was after school. I was most likely sweating all day. The tryout had lasted 4 days, and boy did I work my butt off. I was confident in my self and I knew I had worked hard. I knew it would pay off and it did. I made my 7th grade basketball team. If I were to say so my self I thought we were pretty stacked on that team to. This season was ours.

This was just the beginning to something I would never forget for as long as I live. Our team was phenomenal. We were blowing out teams every week. We were on a winning streak and their was nothing stopping us. Everything was going great, our coach was so proud of us and we were excited for what would come in the future. It was our last 'league" game. We won that of course. Now it was time for the finals. The next game would decipher whether or not we could walk out of the gym with the 1st place trophy and to be able to say we won the championship. We had already went against the team during the league season. They were probably the best team we played but they weren't better then us at any doubt. Everyone knew that.


The day had come. It was a school day. The whole day I was ready. I knew this is what I wanted and thats what I was going to get. It was right their I just needed to go reach and get it. We had our game right after school so as soon as that bell rang I knew it was time. Everyones season boys and girls had started at the same time, so it was everyones last championship game. It was grind time.

The whistle had blew for jump ball. I looked over in the crowd my mom, dad, and cousin were their with some of my friends. I saw the faces of all the parents and all the students. I though to myself, your going to see a heck of a game. Before I knew it we started . The championship game had started. The game was going back and forth in the beginning. I would say they kept up but we were still clearly the better team. The refs all game so far had called the worse calls. That wasn't stopping us from anything.

It was the fourth quarter. They were up. It was a very close game, constantly going back and forth. In this game we had worked harder then before. I had the ball in my hands, I was the point guard. I was dribbling the ball up the court we were down one or two points and I knew this is were i needed to dig deep. I had been giving it my all the whole game but this was where I really need to forget about everything and do what I needed to do to get that trophy. Thats what I did, kind of I guess you could say. I drove i didn't have the lane, so I kept my dribble as seconds were ticking off. I dribbled to the right side of the court. I drove in then stepped back. I faded and threw the ball up it bounced off the highest point of the back board and dropped in. The crowd went crazy. Everyone was cheering, until we all heard the whistle. The ref had called a carry and said it was before the shot. He took away my shot. "no shot", he said. I've never been so hurt in my life. The game ended. That shot that was guided by god didn't count. The game that we worked our butts off, the game that was the deciding factor wether we won the championship was taken from us. By 1 point. I don't care what anyone says that was not a carry that shot was mine. Theirs only so much you can do with the refs.

After the buzzer went off that ended the game, so many emotions and feeling were felt at that time. People telling me good job, me holding back tears when I say thank you. It was hard. I didn't know how to feel. As soon as I went into the car I busted in tears. I was hurt. My dad told me that this was a very good game and how I played so well and I believed that. It's just at that moment I didn't get what I wanted.

the aftermath

After this experience and me realizing how hurt I was. I never wanted to feel that way again. This was when I knew I wanted to work. This was when I knew I wanted to be the best. This was when I realized basketball was something that I wouldn't get sick of. Basketball was something I wanted to do all my life and it all came from this experience. Since then and now i've been working. Its a passion that I love to do. Im no where near where i want to be. I take it step by step though. Im going to keep grinding and no matter what i'm never going to give up. So, don't be surprised if you hear my name on tv in the future.


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