Weapons/Armour By tahlia gillard

The Vikings used a wide range of weapons. They used them in battle and to protect themselves incase they were raided. They used things like:

  • Bow and arrows:They used bow and arrows to shot there enmities from either far way and or above their enimies.
  • Swords: They would use swords in battles to fight to the death. This weapon was extremely dangerous and sharp.
  • Knife: Would be used close up because it's a small weapon. Probably not used in battle.
  • Axe: Known for cutting wood but, can be used for killing people by been thrown or swung (cutting of their heads).
  • Spear: Used to fight from a long distance, they have a sharp end which is helpful in battle. They are similar to swords.

Viking all had a the right to own weapons. But the quality of that weapon depended on their ranking/status. Such as a rich men or a professional soldier often had a sharp steel sword and carried a knife incase an enemy was close. As for someone poor, they carried a simple battle axe.


The Viking would also need armour for their battles. They wore padded leather shirts, sometimes they wore a iron chest plate in front of the shirt for more protection. The wealthier Viking would wear chained shirts. They also wore iron helmets or made a solid bowl or conned shaped helmet to protect their heads. A nose piece was extended to protect the face, it would be made from leather or iron. But their major protection source was a shield.

Armour and weapons were extremely significant to Vikings because it shows us that they are really into war and killing. (Vikings were very agresive people and had a religion for killing. They didn't care who they killed). The armour they wore would teel others what colony they were from. Also the weapons were handcrafted which mean every town of Nordic people had their own unique weapon, that would be extremely sharp and deadly.

Swords and axe

This is an example of what the swords and an axe head looked like back in the Viking times. They are made from iron.


This is the helmet that would be used in battle, because it's protection someone's head and face. I believe it's made from iron.

Vikings armour

This is what people believed the Vikings armour looked like. They believed it was made from leather.


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