Homosexual Rights By Mitchell Whisner

Homosexual American flag

Homosexual rights is a serious Civil Rights issue in the U.S today, because many people look down on them people and do not treat them the same as anyone else. Because they are not protected law, one in Homosexuals five live in fear of homophobic violence. This is clearly a legitimate reason to help them be seen as people and not homosexuals. Almost 25% of Americans in a recent survey believed that same sex marriage should be illegal, taking away their right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” given by the Constitution (U.S Constitution). Without these rights, Homosexuals cannot live happily of freely without hiding their homosexuality.

This topic is very similar to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s because of the bad treatment received by other people. Both African-Americans during the Civil Rights Movement and homosexuals in the present are physically harassed, jumped bullied and beat (Better Health). Since 1776 it has been against the Constitution to discriminate against different races religions or lifestyles because it clearly states that, “All men are created equal.” (U.S Constitution) Both the discrimination of Homosexual people and African Americans is not only against the Constitution, but also it is illegal to harass people of any kind. Both these topics are similar because of the harsh way they are treated.

The movements are not only similar in some ways, but they are also different because they were discriminated for different reasons. African Americans were previously slaves 100 years earlier and people still were not used to their citizenship. Most white Americans saw them as Lesser beings used for labor. Some people had no respect for them and would go to extreme measures to get rid of them. Hundreds of African Americans were murdered and none of the killers were charged for murder. Next, because of the more modern time period, people can not get away with murder so they resort to smaller but just as effective strategies to stop homosexuality such as all types of bullying and harassment. In the past three years, 3 homosexual people committed suicide from bullying (FDP). Homosexuals also are more susceptible to obesity, smoking and alcohol and drug abuse because of bullying and harassment (Better Health). Clearly these two civil rights issues are also different because homosexuals were discriminated in different ways ways than African Americans in the Civil Rights movement.

Today, even though this is a large issue, there is a very easy way to help. People can get involved by treating homosexuals with respect and giving them full support. Today, the only reason homosexuals are having trouble “coming out”, is because people are not supportive and respectful of them. If everyone is true to this, People would not discriminate against them and there would be no issue anymore and people would have no problems with their homosexualaity.

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