What is Science? Basic information over the topic of science

Natural World VS Supernatural World

*Science studies the natural world.

-The natural world is all the natural things surrounding us (trees, grass, water ect...)

*Science does not study the supernatural world.

-The supernatural world is all the man-made objects around us (buildings, roads, cars ect...)

Asking Science Questions

*Asking questions in science consists of making the questions testable.

*No science question is "off-limits".

*Science questions don't need to be complex.

*No question in science is 100% answered.

*Only natural questions can be answered by science.

*Religious questions cannot be answered.

The Science Checklist

*The checklist is used to help direct someone to discovering scientific questions.

*Rutherford used this checklist to help discover the atom.

*This checklist is not a set rule book, it is used only as a guideline.

So What is Science?

*Science has no definition.

*Science just helps us understand the natural world.

*Science can help solve world problems.

*Science is all around us.

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