United Kingdom RYan walton 5.4

The population in the UK is 65,391,195 million

The current weather in the UK is 19 degrees Celsius and July is the hottest month

A significant landform in the Uk is Cheviot Hills.

There is 1 language spoken in the UK and it is English

The main religions in the UK are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism

Common foods eaten in the UK are Shepherd's Pie, Fish And Chips and Scones.

England itself does not have traditional clothing but it is found in other countries in the UK.

Although most people in the UK are white, Britain's territorial heritage has brought many cultures together, especially in large cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. The biggest opposition include black, indian and pakistani.

Did you know? Most LandForms in the UK are made of stone

The UK is different to Brazil because it has waaaaayyyyyy less people than Brazil, the UK is also different because its way smaller than Brazil!

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