Christmas Vacation The best christmas ever !!!!!!

Pepole I Visited

  • Aunt Tabbi
  • My grandma
  • My grandpa
  • Aunt Becky

Who did I miss

  • Madison Coin
  • Jamison Kemper
  • April Imfeld
  • Rachael Kyle
  • Nathille Dury

Visiting Faimily

  • My grandma visited me this Christmas.
  • I visited my aunt this Christmas.

My Christmas scedule

  • The earliest i woke up was 8:30am
  • the latest i stayed up for was until 2:00am


  • I slept a lot more than i usually do
  • I ate a lot more than i usually do

I no longer like Frozen

  • My cousin loves frozen
  • She came over this Christmas
  • We must have watched that movie a hundred times
We get it now let it go!!!!

The Best Place Ever!!!!!!

  • My family went to the best place ever this Christmas.......
  • The Family Fun Center
  • I am finally tall enough to drive the go-carts


  • For Christmas I got a Play Station 4
  • Then I got a controller
  • And some games

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