Swantje Wendt Fashion Designer // Illustrator

that's me. swantje. fashion designer, tutorial creator & pattern maker via nadelwald (yeah, that's my brand), trainer for video classes via makerist, author via EMF, free Illustrator for people like you...and so much more. wanna have a look scroll down, wanna get in touch write something to »swantje@nadelwald.me«

love to be somewhere else?

know what you mean man. sometimes it feels sooo right like this.

but hey - much more important than your face in the sun and your feet in the sand is to have the right stuff with you aaaand the right bags to put your beloved things in. a big and a small one for example...how else should we carry towel and sun lotion??? but where to find the perfect couple?


no idea? come on! it's so easy doing things we really love, right? ha, surprise...for me it's sewing bags. okay, beside that i also love sewing clothes made of jersey, but back to the bags...uhhhhyeah...i love sewing bags. lunchbags, backpacks, washbags, shopper - everything from tiny purses to large weekenders made of cork, leather, canvas...and did you know: i'm also doing tutorials. so if you think you need a new one like those, well - just grab some needles, fabrics you like and start the engine. 'cause:

what you sew is what you get

need an example? take this:

The Black Line - Copper & Cork - Washbag

all you need is love...additional to that - fancy fabrics, matching or contrasting yarn, different sewing stuff and of course your machine might be useful...and don't forget to add some passion. how much love and separate stuff you need to finish this incredible washbag, you'll find in the ebook instruction. so don't think twice and pleaaaase don't hesitate to press this button...äh right...this button:

The Black Line - Copper & Cork - Shopper

The Black Line - Copper & Cork - Shopper

you're a real shopping queen? or need a bigger one for alle the stuff you'd like to carry with you all day long? such a cool, but big one?! here you go...

The Black Line - Copper & Cork - Shopper


wanna see sewing things - now?

great! so this might be the perfect thing for you..wohoooo. it's a so called "video-class" and something really strange happens when you press the button down here. yeah...pictures start moving, unbelievable but true. so don't be afraid, give it a chance and ha, let me help you one by one...

Grundkurs: Verlockende Overlock

for example the right way starting with your overlock and (much more important) how to get this fucking thread through the machine.

Grundkurs: verlockende Overlock (German)

Aufbaukurs: Overlock & Coverlock

mhmm...like to start knowing your overlock much better than before? okeeee, no probs. i'm here to help you getting stuff done. check this out man:

Aufbaukurs: Overlock & Coverlock (German)
Oberteile aus Jersey nähen (German)

Oberteile aus Jersey nähen

want some more? like it much harder? niiiiice...take this one & feel perfectly upgraded for jersey shirts and sewings techniques with those creepy elastic fabrics

Oberteile aus Jersey nähen (German)

but, let's start with something simple

here you'll find some easy projects. no nerdy overlock stuff. no more jerseys fabrics. just you and me, some inelastic materials and the good old sewing machine...hopefully not the grandma one, without electric power. otherwise you should wear a towel while sewing (for sweat and may some tears). want me stop talking now and start watching? here you go. guess what? yehaaaaw it's for free!



...aaaand the first sneak peek from my book


that's it. wanna give me some feedback...write something funny, strange, itchy, crumpy, lovely – or just say hello to:


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