Peace. Joy. Dance.

When I came to transcenDANCE as a sophomore in high school, I was dealing with a lot of heavy emotions that I didn’t know how to handle. I lived in places where I didn’t feel safe, and with people who didn’t treat me well. Before transcenDANCE it was hard for me to envision a life outside of high school. It was difficult for me to even imagine life in general. I felt like I had no purpose, and I felt out of place everywhere I went.

transcenDANCE taught me that it’s ok to have those feelings, and that plenty of other people have them too. At transcenDANCE I didn’t have to feel isolated, because I wasn’t alone. Everything at transcenDANCE, from classes, rehearsals, and performances, to workshops and therapy, helped me grow a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more. transcenDANCE taught me how to be myself and love who I am. Today as a graduate of the transcenDANCE CREATE Performance Group, I am finally happy.

At transcenDANCE I gained motivation and confidence to believe that I could branch out and experience something more in life. transcenDANCE offered me deep support that was not available anywhere else, and now as a first-generation college student, I’m a Computer Science major at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA.

transcenDANCE taught me that even if something seems risky or scary, if you trust in yourself and what you believe, it will work out. Not a lot of women go into STEM majors, but because of transcenDANCE I felt empowered to pursue my interests in computer science.

Your generous donation to transcenDANCE ensures that hundreds of other young people like Andrea will receive the life-changing gifts of support, community, self-worth, and love this year and for years to come.

When you make an investment of at least $100 in transcenDANCE youth today, your gift will be matched to double your impact. Gifts of $500 or more will be tripled through a generous double match!

Thank you!

At transcenDANCE, our mission is to guide young people in underserved San Diego County communities to transcend barriers, expand their ambitions, and create positive change for themselves, their families, and communities, through dance and performance.


Photos by Kevin Walsh

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