Randolph College Men's Basketball A Letter from Coach


Although the official 2016-2017 season has wrapped up for us, our program has remained busy as we shift our focus towards the offseason and next year. We are fortunate to be in the unique situation of a roster with zero seniors to replace. There is excitement and potential as our recruiting can add to a roster that will not be left with holes from departing seniors. We are excited to add young players that are hungry to compete and eager to learn from our returners who gained valuable experience this past season. At this point, our 2017 recruiting class is shaping up nicely and we look forward to updating and introducing everyone to the new members of our family in the fall. This past season was one of growth and adversity. We move away knowing that our previous challenges will make us tougher, our weaknesses will become our strengths, and our collective sacrifice will bring us closer together.

A coaching change is never an easy process for a team – I feel extremely fortunate for the support and encouragement that has remained with the program through this transition. We consistently talk with those unfamiliar with Randolph about the community culture of our school and the togetherness of our program. Those two areas were a big reason I wanted this job; they have also been an uplifting presence through some of the hard times a first season can bring about. Support at Randolph is something that is unmatched and something that I will always value. A special thanks to those of you who have shared emails, written letters, stopped by the office, or cheered us on in the stands – we look forward to sharing our future successes with each of you.

Chase VanHorn(left) and Brian Smith(right) were two first-year players who gained valuable on court experience as rookies.

Our players deserve the utmost credit for their ability to evolve into different roles than each had been accustomed to in the past. We had reserves take on major minutes, distributors step into scoring roles, first-year players step into starting roles, and high school standouts step into supporting roles. As we look at each individual's place on our team, there is no single player that was depended on in a familiar way - whether coming from high school or at Randolph the previous season. One thing we value from our first season together has been learning and growing together. Again, all of our guys bought in and sold out for the team on what was needed each night. This servant attitude will be the root of our climb moving forward. Our team has discussed frequently the opportunities we have in the future to capitalize on all the great learning experiences we faced throughout the 2016-2017 season. We were able to reap some immediate rewards; however, our sights remain set on much higher aspirations.

Our theme from now until October 15th is centered around sacrifice. We have potential to take exciting steps for our program, school, fans, and alums are exciting, but they must be earned. Succeeding in college basketball is not promised to anyone and those who reach their goals are the ones who sacrifice along the way. We have grown as players and coaches over the last ten months, on and off the court. I couldn't be more excited about the future of Randolph College Men's Basketball.

Go 'Cats!

Coach Hamilton

Our veteran leadership this season came from our junior class. Ryan Fields(left) and Reid Jacoby(right) will be a part of a much anticipated senior class next season.
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