Serpent's Wrath Serpents are causing many deaths, but there is hope

Recently, serpents set out and are still attacking the traveling Israelites. The people are leaving us one by one. Some people are saying that their closest were bitten.

"That bronze snake may look like a joke, but the LORD is using his powers through it!" Jennifer, a young mother exclaims. Her daughter had been bitten, but she, like others, was saved.

It seems there is a miraculous bronze snake in the area, and people are looking into its eyes when they are bitten. The LORD is using the snake as a guide of trust and using his true power to heal.

Many people who haven't seen the bronze snake doubt the LORD's power, and say the Israelites are trying to mess with people's heads. It doesn't seem so, though. If people just saw, they would see the miraculous scene.

Though many have passed away, this amazing, powerful scene is something no one should or most likely will forget. So, as you are reading this, do you believe, or do you hate against Him?


Created with images by Hans - "spotted rattlesnake snake crotalus mitchellii" • Good Eye Might - "Slither"

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