Douglas Love-Ramos Douglas Love leads Arts nonprofit and commercial businesses for some of the largest entertainment, theatrical, publishing, television and digital companies in the world. INFO@DOUGLASLOVE.COM Scroll DOWN for more!

A unique hybrid of business and creative, this expert leader has raised millions of dollars for the arts & humanities, produced hundreds of hours of scripted entertainment and television, authored and implemented strategic plans and literally wrote the book on arts education - having created the largest arts education program in the world for World Book Encyclopedia.
Created by Love - more than 11 million paid annual subscribers in 23 countries.

He has influenced world-wide popular culture with his television series and his more than 35 books. His extensive experience with donors, sponsors, world-class performing artists and creators has served the venues he has led and the destination arts entertainment he has created.

Disney's three time Parents' Choice Award winner.

When DISNEY CHANNEL rebranded itself with new leadership and a new slate of programming, his live action arts education television series, Out of the Box, debuted as the network’s top rated daytime series, a position it maintained for seven seasons and 100+ episodes, for which he won three PARENTS’ CHOICE AWARDS.


His books helped launch the imprint HARPERFESTIVAL – a merchandise oriented brand of the mega publisher HARPERCOLLINS. He authored more than 18 HarperCollins books and toured 45 cities promoting the brand to press and retailers. Other books and publishers followed. His ten newest books recently launched from publisher KIWI STORYBOOKS.

When the MIAMI DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS and the ARSHT CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS wanted a program that would be as exceptional as the Broadway touring productions that came through their venue, Douglas Love launched "Learning Through the Arts".

The program, now in its tenth year, brings every 5th grade student in Miami Dade County (25,000+ annually) to see a multi-million dollar rock musical production of the Odyssey - supported by curriculum from Love’s WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA product.

So far more than 250,000 students have seen "Rock Odyssey" completely free of charge - staged by Douglas Love.
When the CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, the SAN FRANCISCO LIBRARY SYSTEM and the SHORENSTEIN HAYS NEDERLANDER THEATRES wanted a new county-wide literacy and arts program, Douglas implemented a 65,000 book give-away, an all school reading program and mounted a professional stage production.
FamilyStage San Francisco - Producing Artistic Director

Douglas’s HBO FAMILY series of educational music videos Jammin’ Animals is now in its 13th year airing on the channel.

When ORGANIC VALLEY - North America’s largest farmer-owned organic dairy – wanted to brand their name on a product to promote a meal tradition around the celebration of Earth Day, Douglas created a multi-media game promotion. Now in its 10th year of distribution, it has achieved more than 28 million press impressions.

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When STONEYFIELD FARMS/DANON wanted to launch their organic Greek yogurt, OIKOS, Douglas created a live arts guerilla branding campaign, featuring sampling with Love's live action play produced in parks and festivals throughout key cities and at trade expos.

ANSCHUTZ FILM GROUP/WALDEN MEDIA built Love a $27M theater to develop new properties for the parent company’s global brand and network of entertainment complexes and performance centers. Love created, produced and staged 8 original family musical productions and ran the new venue as the chief executive of WALDEN FAMILY PLAYHOUSE

Love produces entertainment that speaks to audiences where they are - engaging their imaginations, hearts and minds. He brings his leadership and collaborative enthusiasm to institutions to facilitate new chapters in their development, a fresh approach to audience outreach and new concepts for revenue.

"Douglas Love doesn't need bells and whistles, it's all in the doing, and the elements that make this work are exceptionally well done." - LA TIMES