Racing in the Rain By:Nolan Gray

"Denny was determined to get his daughter to safety"(119)

A Father should do anything for his family especially his children. My father would do anything for my siblings and me.

"Today is the first day I am not dead"(137)

When someone dies the next day would probably feel like your not dead because you would be healthy again,

" Her death was the end of a painful battle"(143)

When someone is living a painful life and passes always all of their pain goes away and they become healthy again

" I knew it was coming, but still I'm surprised"(145)

When someone passes away you will still be surprised even if you knew they were going to pass.


"One more lap,Denny!Faster!"(134)

This quote is when Denny took Enzo around the race track and Denny told Enzo to bark when he wanted to go faster. Denny then told Enzo he would take him on another lap.

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