Carving By: tOby

This is the picture that inspired me to make my design. The hands make the letters V and N for “Vape Naysh”. This was from a video. In the video, the people in it make fun of people who brag about how they vape, because it’s not necessarily cool. They mock people that vape, and it’s hilarious.

This is my design. I traced over the original designs, because it would be more like my own, and I made the hands curved, to make them more realistic. I added the words “Go Green” because they say that a lot in the video I got my design from. I made the shapes a solid black, so that the carver could easily identify which parts to carve. The parts in black were carved out, and it was on a green sheet of plastic with white in the middle. At first, I wanted to do a design from the same person, but I chose this one instead, because it was more subtle, and it was still funny.

This is the machine that carved my design. It is called the carvey. To make it work, you have to put your design in a computer, and make sure the dimensions and material are set. After that,you have to secure a sheet of plastic of your color choice, then watch it carve your design.

This is the carvey. To get my design to carve, I had to make sure that the material in the website was Two-Color HDPE, because we were using that to carve my design. We then had to make sure that th bit was 1/16 in so that it tells the machine how big the blade is. After that, I made sure that the dimensions were right: X=5.75 in, Y=5.75 in, Z=0.25 in. This told the machine how big our tile was going to be. One part that messed me up was when there was a line that we had to carve, and I had to watch it, and stop it at the right time. After my design had fully carved, vacuumed the shavings that flew around in the machine.

The design in the middle is mine. My carving went exactly as planned, and I am happy for that, because I think it looks very nice. I made the main design white, and the background green, because the text says go green. I think I could have spent a little bit more time making it look extra nice in photoshop. The most interesting part of this process was finding and tracing my picture. The hardest part of this process was setting up the Carvey so that it will carve my design. Some final thoughts that I have on this project are the more time you spend on a project, the nicer it will look, and the turnout will go exactly as planned.

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Toby R

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